Tony, Jason, Daniel, Muhammed and Ricky

Within Unga KRIS, young people can get involved in voluntary activities. Here are the testimonies of five young men, who turned their life around thanks to Unga KRIS’s staff members’ hard work and the benefits of volunteering.

Photo Tony

My name is Tony and I’m 24 years old. I come from Gothenburg and I’ve now been living within Unga KRIS supportive residence for four months. I used to do drugs and was involved in criminal activities such as hooliganism but this situation was untenable.

I joined Unga KRIS because I wanted to meet new people and gain tools to find a way back into society: from now on, it is what I strive for. Thus, I’ve been involved in all sorts of voluntary activities thanks to Unga KRIS. I have been taking part in night walking, lectures, etc. I have even been in contact with a 17 year-old boy and helped him find his way out of drugs. Talking and helping new people is what I enjoy the most: by helping others I help myself. The feedback I get from the others is my salary; it’s an intense feeling that cannot be bought by money.

Volunteering enhances your self-esteem; it strengthens you as a person. I would definitely recommend volunteering to other young persons. You get a nice family and wherever you go you can always get a bed and some nice hugs. We stick together and together we are strong.

Photo Jason

My name is Jason and to me there is nothing greater than the heart of a volunteer! I enjoy it because I feel I’m doing something good. It offers wonderful opportunities and also looks very good on your CV. I would definitely recommend volunteering to my friends and siblings.

Photo Daniel

I’m 22 years old and my name is Daniel. I live in a small town called Halmstad and I’ve been part of Unga Kris volunteering programs since the summer 2010. Before most of my friends and acquaintances were either addicts or criminals and I had a pretty dysfunctional life.

At first, I joined Unga KRIS and started volunteering to have fun and meet new people but I also saw it as a way to grow as a person and to start living a more normal life. Now that I have been volunteering for a while, my expectations have changed: Unga KRIS is still a place where I expect to have fun and meet new people but I also expect to grow even more as a person, to take on responsibilities and face my fears in different social situation.

Facing these fears is my priority now. I want to practice and improve my social skills because I have the feeling that having a blooming social life helps me stay sober, it’s a huge booster for my self-esteem and it even enhances my chances of employment for the future.

Photo Muhammed

My name is Muhammed and I am 24. I used to do drugs but decided to change my life. I was tired of living the gangsta life and wanted so much more. Unga KRIS gave me that opportunity; it helped me change and provided me with a fresh start. The regular meetings we have and that are based on self-development especially helped me: they were so inspiring and they motivated me to become what I am today. Thank you Unga KRIS for helping me become a man!

Photo Ricky

My name is Ricky, I’m 22 years old and I have been a member of Unga KRIS since June 2009. I decided to join Unga KRIS to start the life I really wanted to live, and to get away from my old friends and habits. Unga KRIS was the right organization to turn to because they respect you for who you really are: there I can be myself. There I also especially enjoy motivating other people - it decreases the feeling of exclusion, not just theirs, mine as well because by helping others, I also help myself.