TESTIMONY of Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Board member at the European Youth Forum. Chair of Woodcraft Folk’s General Council

Photo Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Lloyd Russell-Moyle is a Board Member of the European Youth Forum and has been an active volunteer for years. He indeed started volunteering in his early teens, and even started running a local youth group when he was 14. Moreover, as a youngster, he was often helping out his parents getting up petitions or cleaning up the streets.

Now his politics is all about “working with children, fighting deportations of asylum seeker [...] creating alternative social centers – all voluntary [...] because wants to change the world”. One of the organizations he works for, Woodcraft Folk, which he chairs, offers volunteering opportunities to children.

According to him, “the most interesting situations are when young people take on roles that they never thought that they could do and through volunteering realize that they can do anything if they put their mind to it”.

This is one of the things he noticed while volunteering himself, and notably when volunteering for Woodcraft Folk, a children and young people movement, which offers a place where kids can grow in confidence, learn about the world and start to understand how to value their planet and each other.

There, children are involved in the activities – as Lloyd states it himself “they are the organization and they bring everything!” As a matter of fact, “children sit down every term and help plan the activities [...] 13 – 15 years old elected to the national board and have sessions, such as drama plays, that allow children of all ages, through a delegate system, to get involved in the decision making”.

Thus, volunteering since a young age and now volunteering alongside children, Lloyd can assert from the horse’s mouth that doing voluntary activities is beneficial! Besides, “he has seen hundreds of kids, young people from all different walks of life be transformed whilst doing volunteering”.

Why wait any longer?