Volunteering - a way to keep the youth out of exclusion. Even outside of the EU . . .


Based in Split, Croatia, MoSt was created in May 1995 with the aim of contributing to the city’s quality of life by providing its youngest members with a safe place to learn, study and play.

Since 1999, the association has been working on three main programs, among which the Young People’s Voluntary Work Program. The latter promotes voluntary activities among the youth, and especially to the young people with behavioral problems, offering them volunteering placements that are helpful to the community, promote positive values and that are proved to be fun for the kids.

Photo Udraga MoSt

MoSt especially encourages young people to get involved by connecting teams of volunteers from Split secondary schools. Moreover, each program makes sure to promote the values of voluntary work as well as young people’s activism.

Photo SOVA

Thus, in the past, MoSt’s young volunteers have e.g. repainted a homeless shelter, collected food and sanitary products or helped fellow youngsters with their homework under the supervision of MoSt advisers and other staff members. Such involvement has been quite helpful in creating a sense of belonging between Split inhabitants and fostered even more involvement among MoSt members.

As a matter of fact, for a few years now, MoSt has been diversifying its engagement opening a 14-beds homeless shelter, offering counseling sessions or a various range of activities to occupy the kids’ free time, which turned volunteering into this organization’s keystone!