Volunteering to change your life around . . .

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Based in Sweden, Unga KRIS is an association helping young people in, or at risk of, social exclusion; its staff members especially focus on helping these youngsters find their place in society. Thus, they make sure that they have the proper tools to carry out their projects, as well as someone to ask advice to and to rely on.

Unga KRIS usually works with young people, aged 13 to 25, and who have been in conflict with the law at some point and remained at risk of being involved in criminal acts or drug abuse.

To help these youngsters change their life around, Unga KRIS developed a program entitled Tidig insats – early inputs – that provides each youngster out of custody, and willing to make a fresh start, with a contact person that soon and often becomes some sort of sponsor.

Together, they are likely to establish a three-month program that is entitled to put the youngster on the right path. Most programs designed for recently-released young persons last three months. Nevertheless, if he or she wants to, the youngster can carry on benefiting from Unga KRIS infrastructures or take part in information meetings to raise others’ awareness about the benefits of turning your life around. They often join these activities voluntarily being grateful that Unga KRIS truly helped them in becoming accomplished and successful adults.

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Unga KRIS programs work not only because they rely on volunteering but also because the organization staff members are dedicated, properly trained and aware of the youngsters’ needs. They will accompany a young person as long as needed and make sure that they grow up as a person in order to become who they really want to be.