YOUTH INVOLVEMENT - Good practices throughout Europe

Volunteering is a fun and enriching activity that should be available to everyone, adults and children alike, notwithstanding their religion, beliefs or social situation.

In fact, volunteering is a great way to be involved and stay out of exclusion! Thus, children and young people alike should be encourage more often to join volunteering organizations and be involved in voluntary activities!

Here is a series of NGOs, which involved children and young people in their volunteering programmes and thus offer them the opportunity to help their peers, support others or change their life around, within and outside the borders of the European Union.

Logo Unga KRIS Unga KRIS is a Swedish NGO, which helps young people in conflict with the law turn their life around, notably by offering them a chance to volunteer.

Logo SOVA SOVA is a British NGO offering volunteering opportunities, notably to ex-offenders.

Logo MOST Udraga MoSt is an NGO based in Split, Croatia; it aims at helping children with their daily life (homework, family issue, etc.) and encourages them to be involved in their community, by getting involved for instance in voluntary activities.

Logo Schuler Helfen Leben Schüler Helfen Leben is the biggest German humanitarian aid association. Exclusively established and constituted by children and young people, this NGO aims at building bridges between EU and non-EU Member States engaging children from Germany and the Western-Balkans in voluntary activities.